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Teleprotection Equipment
G.703 Co-Directional Electrical Interface

Product Overview

AceCom offers MX-TP, Teleprotection Equipment is an extremely rugged product has been designed to operate reliably even under the most demanding conditions and environment. The MX-TP, Teleprotection Equipment offers up to 8, 2-way independent command channels which can be operated over a G.703, 64Kbps co-directional digital data link.

MX-TP, Teleprotection Equipment may be used independently in a point-to-point application between two nodes connected over an optical fiber link, or it may be used as an integrated part of the MX Version 6, E1 voice and data multiplexer solution over SDH or PDH data networks.

Features and Benefits

  • Unrivaled Speed, Security and Reliability.
  • Use in a Standalone, Point-To-Point Application
  • Use as an integrated part of the MX Version 6 E1 voice and data multiplexer solution over an SDH or PDH data network
  • 1+1 Route / Path Protection when used as an integrated part of the MX Version 6 E1 voice and data multiplexer solution over an SDH or PDH data network.
  • Compact, standard 19-Inch Rack-mountable, 2U high chassis.
  • Bi-directional Transmission of 8 command Inputs and 8 command outputs
  • 64Kbps, G.703 co-directional interface option for transmission over 4-wire electrical links
  • Available in 24V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC and 250V DC configurations.
  • Available with G.703 64Kbps, 4-Wire co-directional interface:
    • 8 Command Teleprotection Terminal
      (8 Nos. Tx & Rx independent command inputs & outputs for providing interconnection with Power Protection Relays).
      G.703 64Kbps, 4-Wire co-directional interface.
    • Available power options: -24V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC, 250V DC.

Application Diagram

Typical Application over a 64Kbps G.703 co-directional data channel as an integrated part of the MX Version 6
E1 Voice and Data Multiplexer solution over an SDH or PDH data network

Flexibility and User Programmability

  • User programmable command holding delay for error resistant command inputs
  • User programmable command sampling rate for error resistant command transmission
  • < 5.5ms back-to-back operating time in high-speed mode
  • < 9ms back-to-back operating time in standard operating mode
  • < 32ms back-to-back operating time in extended sampling mode (BER resistant mode).

Event and Alarm Logging

  • Time-Stamped Alarm Logging
  • Time-Stamped Event Logging.

Management and Monitoring

  • RS232 serial, USB serial interfaces for local terminal access
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface for remote access over an IP network
  • Encrypted Password Protection
  • Telnet - Remote access over IP links
  • SSH - Secured remote access using Secure Shell Protocol over IP links
  • SNMP Traps and NMS for real time remote monitoring and management over an IP network
  • Automatic Link Test feature – link testing at user programmable periodical intervals
  • Visual I/O status – LED Display.


  • Advanced Communication Protocols to ensure reliable transmission of commands
  • Power Supply Immunity to withstand impulse surges and transients of upto 10,000 Volts
  • High Quality Relays – withstands voltage 10 kV between coil and contacts (1.2 × 50 μžs)
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 400V AC or 300V DC
  • Optoisolated Command Inputs
  • Optoisolated Relay Outputs
  • Relays - Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations min. (at 18,000 operations/hour).

Error Detection and Coding

  • Line Code Violation Detection
  • LOS Detection
  • Block Command Encoding as per C.37.94.
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