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VCL-MegaConnect Jr.
16 Port T1 DACS
Digital Access Cross Connect

Product Overview

AceCom offers its 16 port T1 Digital Access Cross Connect Switch (DACS) (and E1 DACS) for applications including access cross-connect, Hi-Z (high impedance) monitoring, automatic protection switching (1+1 APS). All models are available with TCP-IP remote access and monitoring facility.

The MegaConnect-Jr. 16 Port, T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch, is an T1 digital cross connect switch, which presents its user an easy to use, yet a sophisticated platform to cross connect up to 16 T1 ports. T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch offers full cross connect functionality to cross connect, and/or aggregate DS-0s, "n"x64Kbps consecutive data channels and fractional T1 channels to full T1 channels.

The 16 Port T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch occupies only a 2U high rack-space and is a complete 19-inch stand-alone unit that provides connectivity of up to 16 T1 ports. The unit operates on a -48V DC input power-supply (AC input adapter is optional).

The system is supplied with a CLI text-based, easy-to-use interface that offers the user complete control to prepare multiple configuration maps (and store them as data files) and the ease of downloading them from a PC. Dry contact relay alarms are also available at rear of the system to connect the system to an external alarm.

The 16 Port T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch also has a TCP-IP Access feature which allows the DACS to be connected on a TCP-IP network (10/100 base interface) for remote access for configuration and monitoring.

The 16 Port T1 DACS - MegaConnect Jr can also be ordered for special non- intrusive (Hi-Z) monitoring applications in which (pre-assigned monitoring ports) T1 ports can be connected to monitoring/billing equipment for live traffic monitoring (non-intrusive monitoring).

Features and Highlights

  • Stratum 3 clock

  • Remote TCP/IP access for configuration and monitoring

  • 16 T1 ports (and E1 ports) configuration available

  • Configurable from 2 T1 ports to 16 T1 ports depending on user requirements

  • Reduce access costs by combining partially loaded T1s to a single T1

  • Text based user friendly CLI for easy configuration

  • Telnet option

  • Economical

  • Compact

  • Monitoring and Grooming applications


  • ISP providing fractional T1s to subscribers

  • Data aggregating fractional T1 data circuits

  • Cellular extending fractional T1 ports from MTSO to cell-sites

Programming Features

  • Specifying the priority sequence for clock selection

  • Enabling or disabling 2Mbps Ports (masking) of the 2Mbps ports that are not in use

  • Creating a cross connect between T1s at DS-O level (single time-slot level) using the CLI commands

Status Monitoring

  • Clock selection

  • Status of alarms

  • Enabled/Disabled status of 2Mbps ports

  • Monitoring of the 16 Port T1 DACS - MegaConnect -Jr status and configuration

  • Loss of incoming signal at all 2 Mbps ports

  • Configuration error alarm

  • In addition to the above monitoring facilities, 16 Port T1 DACS - MegaConnect-Jr. is provided with LEDs, which indicate various fault conditions.

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