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VCL-MX Version 6 DXC - 80 T1, 120Mbps
Digital Access Cross Connect Switch

Product Overview

AceCom offers VCL-MX Version 6 DXC – 80 T1, 120Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect is a modular switch which may be scaled from 8 T1 Ports to up to 80 T1 Ports. The VCL-MX Version 6, T1 DACS (T1 DXC) offers full cross-connect functionality to cross-connect between 64Kbps time-slots  (DS-0s), "n"x64Kbps consecutive DS-0s and Fractional T1 channels to full T1 channels.

VCL-MX Version 6 DXC - 80 T1, 160Mbps DACS - Data Sheet (PDF)

The VCL-MX Version 6 DXC – 80 T1, 120Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect Switch, occupies 6U high (264 mm) rack-space and is a complete 19-inch standalone unit that provides a 64Kbps time-slot (DS-0) cross-connect fabric for up to 80 T1 ports. This product offers 1+1 -48V DC Power Supply Redundancy, 1+1 Control Card and Processor Redundancy, 1+1 Cross-Connect (TSI) Redundancy, 1+1 Timing (Synchronization Clock Circuitry) Redundancy. This DXC offers “user selectable” clock / timing synchronization priority. The Dual Power Inputs allow the equipment to be powered from two separate power sources. AC input external adapter is an optional for AC mains operation.

Key Features and Highlights

  • 160Mbps, 80 T1 fully non-blocking cross-connect at 64Kbps (DS-0) level (1920 DS-0 – any to any time-slot cross-connect)

  • Scalable from 8 T1 Ports to 80 T1 Ports

  • 1+1 Control Card Processor Redundancy

  • 1+1 Cross-Connect / TSI Redundancy

  • 1+1 Timing (Synchronization Clock) Redundancy

  • 1+1 -48V DC Power Supply Redundancy (Dual Power Input – allows the equipment to be powered from two separate -48V DC sources

  • Bit Error Rate (BER) monitoring – BER thresholds to generate BER alarms automatically whenever alarm limits are exceeded

  • Telnet remote access. SSH for secured remote access

  • SNMP traps

  • Maintains Access Security Log

  • USB and RS232, Interface for local connection through the serial interface to the "Network Control and Management Software”

  • User Selectable Internal, External and Loop-timed clock synchronization priority options

  • Local and remote loopback facility.

System Access, Control and Management Options

  • Telnet

  • SSH

  • CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100)

  • SNMP V2 Traps (MIB File provided)

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface).

OAM: Operation and Management Ports

  • RS232 Serial Port

  • USB COM Port

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet for remote access.

Security and Protection

  • Secured Access via SSH V2

  • Password Protection: Password Protection in compliance with the mandatory clauses of the GR-815-CORE-2 specifications for secured access control.

  • Logging: Maintains a log of all successful and un-successful attempts. Logged information includes the ID and the IP address of the accessing entities. Alerts the administrator if the un-successful logging attempts exceed 3.

  • Security Audit: All access logs for up to 30 days are maintained for security audit purposes.

  • Security log entry of any request or activity including that user-ID (including IP address, if applicable), to establish user accountability

  • Report Generation / Audit Trail

  • Security Administration.

Timing (Clock) Synchronization

 Timing Options

Internal Clock, Loop-Timed Clock, External Clock. User selectable synchronization priority

 Synchronization Sources

Internal Clock, span clock timing derived from incoming T1 links (Loop-Timed),
External Clock, 75 Ohms (TTL), 1.544 Mbps (100
Ohms Bits clock)

 Default Option

Internal Clock

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