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E3 Failover (E3 Protection) Switch - Upto 2xE3 Links

Product Overview

AceCom's E3 Fail Over (E3 Protection) Switch allows the user to connect a single E3 line from the telephone company to an "active", as well as to a "standby" E3 terminal, such as data server / router etc., at the customer premises.

How it works?

In the event of the failure of the data server / router connected to the "A / active" port of the E3 Protection (Fail-Over) Switch, it shall automatically switch and connect the E3 line from the telephone company to the data server / router on the "B / standby" port. This ensures minimum downtime - which would have otherwise   occurred due to equipment failure connected to the "A / active" port. This equipment may be used to enhance the reliability and the efficiency of the customer's data network.

Application Note

The E3 Fail-Over Switch should be used when the customer is using a single E3 line and install "active" E3 equipment and "standby" E3 equipment (such as a ROUTER) at the customers premises. The E3 Failover Switch shall automatically switch the E3 line from the telephone company between the ACTIVE E3 data server / router and the STANDBY E3 data server / router. Should the ACTIVE E3 data server / router fail or be removed from service, the E3 line from the telephone company automatically switches to the STANDBY E3 data server / router without requiring any customer or user intervention.


  • Allows the user to connect a E3 line from the Telephone Company and to switch it automatically between an active and a standby E3 terminal at the customer premises. The switching criterion is Loss Of Signal.

  • Available in a single E3 line and a two E3 line version.

  • Independent switching for each E3 line (in 2 x E3 line version).

  • Built-in real-time clock / real-time logging maintains a history of all events.

  • Remotely accessible over a TCP-IP networks. Allows the user to access and carry out maintenance, or / and switch the E3 line between the "active" and "standby" E3 terminals, remotely, if required.

  • Dual AC (1+1 AC), or Dual -48VDC (1+1 DC) power supply inputs


  • Allows the users to install and maintain active/standby/duplicate customer premises data networks/data servers, without bearing the recurring $$ expense of leasing additional expensive E3 lines from the telephone company.

  • Automatically switches the E3 link from the Telephone Company between the "active" and "standby" E3 equipment at the customer premises, according to the customer-defined criterion

  • Improves equipment and data security.

  • Allows the user to co-locate the "backup / standby" equipment in a different room/building and prevent any data loss arising out of conditions of natural calamity such as fire, flooding etc.

  • Increases the reliability of the customer's data/IT networks without having to bear the recurring and additional cost of leasing additional E3 lines from the telephone company. The equipment may be used to create secondary/backup systems at the customer premises to provide virtually uninterrupted service.


E3 Failover application 1

E3 Failover application 2

E3 Failover application 3

E3 Failover application 4

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